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Procurement of Crude Oil Pipeline Machinery for Iraq

Project Type: Machinery – Onshore Oil & Gas

Customer: North Oil Company of Iraq

Product: Pipeline Maintenance Machinery

Project Highlights:

Procurement of crude oil pipeline machinery for Iraq – Turkey oil exporting pipe maintenance operations

Machines included:

3 units of skid mounted crude pipe line welding machines – 500 amp engine driven arc welder with a 48 HP oil/air cooled with spare parts

2 Unites of dead crude oil mobile pump driven by diesel engine, skid mounted, diesel unit water cooled with 380 continuous bhp at 1800 rpm with spare parts

2 units of 125 M3/H NPSH: (7) meter diesel engine mobile low fitting pump for dead crude oil self priming

Heavy duty 4 wheel drive truck, and heavy duty two axle trailer for the pump operations

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